Wake up!

Transform the way you live, love and work.


Through a range of workshops, retreats and programs, I embed the ancient wisdom of mindfulness and yoga in 21st century life: so you can feel calmer, connected and in control of your life and work.


Are you a human doing or a human being?

Were you really designed to live at this pace; with this constant level of stress?

As you strive and push to do more, achieve more and get more you can lose site of what’s important.  When you really think about it, it’s crazy to believe something outside of yourself will achieve the inner peace and wellbeing you’re after.

What if you were to switch that around? What if, instead of focusing on what you can get on the outside, you focused on how you were showing up on the inside? In my experience, that’s where the gold is.

The thing is, most people are either too terrified to look inside themselves or don’t know how to get there.

But you won’t find what you’re looking for out there. And all those things you think you want? You already have them. You already have everything you need.

My job is to help you connect with it.



For your business

Mindfulness and wellbeing programs

Available as single workshops or short courses, these programs are designed to help you and your team manage stress, foster resilience and improve workplace relationships.

For you

Private sessions, group workshops and retreats

Designed to help you feel more in control of your life, these retreats and programs incorporate movement, mindfulness and real-world strategies that help you reconnect with yourself.


Private sessions and group yoga classes

These classes are about mindful movement: helping you to get out of your head and into your body. You'll explore functional movement and develop a practice that serves you for life. 


Why work with me?

Keeping it simple is the best way to make real change.

I keep it simple

You don’t need to shave your head, wear robes or move to Tibet to start applying these principles. I translate ancient philosophies into real world examples that you can start practicing today.

I combine ancient wisdom with modern science to help you achieve a healthy brain and body.

Ancient wisdom & modern science

Neuroscience is backing up what eastern philosophies have been saying for thousands of years. You’ll discover how new science and old wisdom agree about practices for healthy brains and bodies.

I ensure that your yoga and wellbeing solution fits your needs perfectly.

Strategies that suit you and your individual needs

We’re all different so we all have different needs. Whether it’s for you or your business, we work together to find solutions that suit you and your goals.

Your class has an impact on me for the whole week. I take the lessons away with me.
— Gina, Hawthorn