About me

Photograph of Claire Nettley sitting on a yoga mat.

Originally from England, I was born in Salisbury (think Stonehenge) in ‘Oddstock Hospital’ (I’m not kidding). I moved to Australia in 2003 and am now lucky enough to call Melbourne home. When I’m not practicing or teaching I enjoy learning about the mind & body, getting outdoors & away from tech, 85% dark chocolate, the occasional Netflix binge and a good cup of Yorkshire Tea. I plan on getting a dog this year so beware my Instagram feed.


My goal is to help you shift from surviving to thriving.

Today, I'm 95% comfortable in my own skin and able - mostly - to handle life's regular challenges. But it wasn't always so.

Before I learned how to 'be' more, I was always on the go and busy doing something. I was running from emotional pain and managed my anxiety through constant striving, trying to control everything and being incredibly hard on myself. 

I created an idea/image of who I thought I had to be to be okay in the world. I then had to constantly try and live up to that ideal. I didn't know how to love or take care of myself and it was exhausting.

I often felt disconnected from myself and others and had no idea how to cope with my emotions or conflict. My desire to control everything outside of myself was really a way to avoid uncomfortable feelings. I didn't know how to engage in healthy relationships and in my twenties experienced domestic violence which took me years to recover from. I was a ‘nice’ girl. A people pleaser. I was not living authentically and wore the ‘everything’s okay’ mask when in reality, it was far from it. I was lost and desperate to find a way out of my suffering. So I went searching for something, anything. 

My path started with Yoga and led to meditation, mindfulness and - somewhat surprisingly - twelve step philosophy. I discovered that the wisdom of these traditions is timeless. They're not about a way out but a way in. They helped me become fully human, more engaged with life, present and open to my experience. 

The more I studied and practiced the more I kept thinking 'Why wasn't I taught this? Why aren't we teaching kids this in schools? Why aren't we educating young people to understand their emotions, manage the mind or develop healthy relationships, self-care and boundaries?'

I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and suffering had I had the self-belief, love and tools I now share with others. Changing the outside doesn’t work but when we find the courage to take the journey of the self, miraculous things happen.

Are you ready to dive in?


My qualifications

I’m a qualified Yoga and meditation teacher, iRest Teacher in training, the former President of Yoga Australia and Women’s Health Magazine Yoga expert.

I've written for the following magazines and news outlets.

There is nothing either good or bad, thinking makes it so.
— Hamlet

What drives me


My Purpose

What gets me our of bed

My purpose is to help you connect with your authentic or true self. To live more in alignment with who you really are so you can claim your inherent power, speak your truth and stand on your own two feet.


The world I want to live in

I envisage a world where each of us has the courage to live authentically. Where we recognise and connect with our inherent belonging, worth, wisdom and power and become the fullest, most authentic expression of ourselves.



The things that guide me

  • Safety
    To offer an environment where people feel safe and supported to take the journey of the ‘self’ and explore their inner world.

  • Community
    To create a positive and nurturing community of like-minded people who are each on their own healing path and appreciate the power of our shared experience.

  • Growth
    Commitment to my own personal and professional development and to sharing what I learn.

  • Wholeness
    The recognition that we are all inherently whole and the authority over our experience.

  • Joy
    To bring a sense of humour, play and lightness to the healing process

  • Ethics
    I am guided by the ethical precepts of Yoga. I operate ethically, lead with integrity and create positive change for my clients.