My purpose is to help you connect with your authentic or true self. To live more in alignment with who you really are, speak your truth, and let go of the approval-seeking and ‘not good enough’ demon that keeps you playing small.


I envisage a world where each of us has the courage to live authentically. Where we recognise and connect with our inherent belonging, worth, wisdom, and power and become the fullest, most authentic expression of ourselves.


My business values are safety, community, courage, growth and contribution. I am guided by the ethical precepts of Yoga,  the coaching code of ethics and am committed to helping my clients create positive change.


I'm a recovering nice girl and people-pleaser. I spent way too much of my life worrying about other people instead of taking care of myself. 

It's a pattern I see in women everywhere, and it's my mission to help break this cycle. Too many women have learned to put themselves at the bottom of the list and prioritise other people's wants, needs and feelings above their own. This leads to resentment, burnout, toxic relationships and more.


I work with nice girls, people-pleasers, empaths and high achievers. Women who avoid conflict, struggle to say no and over-function, over-commit and over-give. 

My clients are prone to high levels of stress and anxiety and may use alcohol, food, work, relationships and more to cope.

If all this sounds familiar, I've been where you are and I found my way out. I offer a judgment-free space where we explore the behavioural patterns, beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck in resentment, guilt, dysfunctional relationships and unnecessary emotional pain.

Using a trauma-informed lens and somatic approach, we also work with your nervous system to create safe and lasting change. It's truly transformational! 

Born in England, I moved to Australia 20 years ago and call The Bellarine Peninsula home. Mum to adopted Red Heeler 'Red', when I'm not working you'll find me walking Red, doing some kind of movement activity, reading a good book or enjoying a Chai and Bellarine Brownie at my local cafe. Scroll down to see my qualifications.

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I’m a trauma informed Life & Recovery Coach as well as a Yoga & iRest Meditation Teacher and (soon to be) Root Cause Therapy Practitioner. I’m a former President of Yoga Australia and have featured in magazines and on podcasts speaking about Yoga, wellbeing, self-care, boundaries, codependency and how to build a positive and healthy relationship with yourself. To hear some of my podcast interviews simply search my name on Apple or Spotify and enjoy!

"I have just completed 12 weeks of individual coaching with Claire and I loved how she created a safe space for our conversations, which allowed me to raise any topic. It felt like my special journey towards my goals. Claire reflections, insights and suggestions were generously shared without judgement."

Tracey, Melbourne

"Thank you Claire again so very much! You are magnificent and so approachable as you have travelled this same road and understand the emotional pain and confusion. I am forever grateful to have found you! ❤️❤️❤️"

Adelle, Victoria